AOVE Cornicabra variety


Our exquisite AOVE Dehesa de Almodóvar complex Cornicabra variety and intense is the reflection of the olives that comprise it. For the production of our AOVE use the best cornicabra olives selected and harvested early. Mixing olives our mountains with plain and giving it that unmistakable volcanic field, complex and intense flavor that will make us recall countless sensations.

The Cornicabra olive leaf is elongated and symmetrical, light green on the top and greenish gray on the underside.


Medium fruity attribute olives, with notes that remind green apple and tomato.
On the palate the fruit disappears to give way to notes of green leaf, dry fruit, mainly almond.

Olive oil of high persistence, with an average slightly bitter and spicy they do keeping a balance on the palate, remaining basically memories of bitter almond.


This variety is recommended for dressings products that are capable of pairing with an oil personality. They are ideal for use raw in salads, dressings and sauces, enhancing the natural flavor of food to bring their delicate aromas. Provides an exquisite flavor used in stews, roasts and stews, which makes them more palatable and wholesome. Its high content of oleic acid makes it easy to use in the hot cooking and frying.

Highly recommended for applications dressings, pickles and marinades for its complex and intense flavor. Vegetables or fish steamed or boiled furnish great taste and make them more palatable.

The fritters whether vegetable or fish also improve and be more exquisite the benefit of its flavor. Ideal for all those foods that seek an incisive taste of fresh herbs and a spicy light.

AOVE Cornicabra variety