Welcome to Dehesa de Almodóvar

The lagoon of Almodóvar has always been a magical place, perhaps because it was created by a volcano or perhaps legends that flow from it.

For generations, the land around the lagoon have produced oil with a lot of personality and character. That has been part of our culture and traditions blend with the origin story.

Since 1961 Covicar transforms the fruit of the olive of the lagoon in a unique oils in the world, in different varieties for their careful preparation and a demanding selection based on the family tradition and respect for the environment.

We present a collection of unique oils in the world: Dehesa de Almodóvar where you will find unique products to the essence of a unique place.

Property of olive oil

  • Besides the content of vitamins E and K, olive oil contains several beneficial fatty acids especially oleic acid.
  • One of the pillars of the Mediterranean diet is olive oil, whose properties protect the cardiovascular system.
  • Help hardening of bones.
  • Slows aging.
  • But his main strength is its antioxidant content, which may serve as shields against various illnesses.