Olive oils are classified according to their method of extraction, quality, acidity and sensory characteristics: taste, smell and color.
It is the olive juice extracted exclusively by mechanical processes without the presence of any compound or chemical process. The acidity must be less than 0.8º and should present a recognizable and pleasant sensory characteristics (fruity), and must be always complete absence of defects. Also preserves all its health properties, not suffer any alteracions. There are many studies which demonstrate the important health benefits of this type of oil. The “Extra Virgin Olive” designation can only take the oils extracted exclusively from olives without changing the oil in their process and also not present sensory defects or excess acidity. Ultimately olive juice of the highest quality.
It is also olive juice with no additives or preservatives but its organoleptic assessment presents a sensory defect however minimal. Its acidity should be less than 2. The name “Virgin Olive” You can take those oils that are extracted exclusively from olives by mechanical processes and these processes do not alter the composition or characteristics, but unlike the “Extra Virgin Olive” is allowed to be up to 2nd acidity which may have a defect in their organoleptic assessment.
It is extracted directly from the olive oil but is not suitable for direct consumption, either because of their analytical or organoleptic assessment parameters do not meet the requirements to be virgin olive oil or extra virgin. This oil must undergo a refining process by chemical processes to eliminate defects and to be fit for consumption. Once refined, mixed with a variable percentage of virgin olive oils that add flavor and color, giving rise to the so-called “olive oil”. Contains only refined olive oils and virgin olive oils “or commonly known as” Olive Oil “plain, although name is incorrect. Acidity should be less than 1º.
It is fit for consumption of lower quality oil. Is extracted from the olive pomace by chemical processes. Can not be considered olive oil comes directly from olives, since it comes mostly from the byproduct of this, the pomace. Must have a lower acidity than 1% and add a minimum percentage of virgin olive oil to provide flavor and color.
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