The purpose of the Dehesa OF ALMODÓVAR brand has been from the beginning with great care to create a symbol representing all development work behind a large virgin olive oil as DEHESA DE ALMODÓVAR.

It is a logo which transmits much visual strength and is characterized by sinuous curves which provide it with a constant movement and symbolizes the silhouette of a drop of oil while falling to impregnate taste and quality there for passes. The color, fundamental to the design of the brand and the distinction of the two major varieties, and ARBEQUINA property CORNICABRA certainly colors are synonymous with freshness, modernity and quality.

The future for inspiration, where tradition and innovation are present to continue the best selection of oils.

Cornicabra variety

Cornicabra variety

The cornicabra variety is the third volume of production within the Spanish territory and the second in the number of hectares cultivated. While Picual and hojiblanca are mainly grown in Andalusia, the cornicabra variety is native to Mora de Toledo and is mainly cultivated today in Toledo and Ciudad Real, Madrid, but can also be found along Extremadura.

The cornicabra olive is unmistakable, elongated, asymmetric, with its characteristic shape of horn that gives name to the variety. They are of average size and weight compared with other varieties but its greasy yield is high, around 19%, and a pulp / stone ratio of about 5. It is an olive oil prized for its organoleptic and features high stability.

It is also very popular as seasoning for the quality of its flesh.

The Cornicabra olive leaf is elongated and symmetrical, light green on the top and greenish gray on the underside.

Variety Cornicabra Olive Oil

Cornicabra olive oil has a color ranging from green to golden yellow with slight greenish reflections that anticipate the fruitiness. The color of olive oil depends on the harvest season, terrain, weather conditions etc.

They are fruity and aromatic oils, showing average values of bitter and spicy with slight variations.

When obtained from riper olives at the end of the harvest, is characteristic appearance of different flavors and textures to exotic fruits like avocado.

The oils of the variety Cornicabra are fruity and have a harmonious balance between sweet at first, bitter greens and spicy. The texture of this olive oil is smooth and velvety.

Oils are stable, stability 106.8 hours 98.8° C, due to its high content of monounsaturated fatty acids, has a balanced composition of essential fatty acids, high oleic acid (77%) and minor components resulting excellent aromas and flavors with a remarkable sobriety and balance.

Arbequina variety

Arbequina olive variety

The Arbequina olive is small, oval, short, very symmetrical and relationship pulp / low bone around 4.6. Its approximate yield of 20.5% greasy oil, varieties with the highest rate, and high productivity outweigh the small size of the olives and the difficulty of mechanized harvesting.

The Arbequina olive is different from other varieties, presented form of broom, with a small force that allows intensive plantations. Usually flower in the first half of May.

Arbequina olive leaf is grooved, with no thickened, wide at the tip ocher and green on top and gray greenish yellow on the underside.

Variety Arbequina Olive Oil

They are oils that have a fresh fruity scent with aromas of fruit and nuts. Bitter and sour very little but nothing note astringency never appears and input have a very smooth and offer a very pleasant tactile feel and delicate almond. The oils we might describe as harmonious, soft, light, delicate features, sweet almond and almost always with an aroma of ripe fruit (pureed fruit and apple), where exotic aromas sometimes be spotted.

However, it also gives the kind of light green, medium bitter, spicy and sweet fruity oil. This oil corresponds to the beginning of the season, when still green olives and this feature is obviously reflected in the organoleptic profile of the oil.

The extra virgin olive oil made from Arbequina is dense and smooth and has notable differences depending on the area or weather conditions. For preparation of virgin oil of this variety are usually used olives that do not reach full maturity, which is reflected in the organoleptic profile. You can tell that this is virgin oils fruity, slightly green and somewhat bitter, pungent and sweet in a balanced way, being more sweet than bitter at the end of the campaign, with a yellowish color. Also stresses the smell and flavor of green almond and wild fruits and fruit orchard (artichokes, apples, tomatoes, etc).

Being very fresh and very young oils are more delicate than other varieties against oxidation and agree stored in the dark at low temperatures. Have a stability of 40.5 hours to 98.8 ° C